Escape The Asylum

Embark on an electrifying journey into the heart of darkness at Escape the Asylum at Eloise: Unleash Your Fear. Feel the chill of history as you step through the threshold of Eloise Asylum, a place where echoes of the past create a symphony of eerie whispers. This once-forgotten sanctuary now harbors a chilling secret, a presence that defies explanation.

Do you have the nerve to delve into the asylum's enigmatic depths, a realm where many have dared to tread but none have returned? Test your bravery and wit in a mind-bending escapade where you and your intrepid companions find yourselves trapped in a sinister padded cell, with escape seeming like a distant dream. Can you decipher the cryptic riddles of Eloise and claim victory, or will you join the eternal ranks of the lost, swallowed by the abyss?

Time is of the essence and destiny beckons. The thrilling adventure commences precisely 15 minutes past the hour—be on time to confront the heart-stopping ordeal that lies ahead. The doors of Eloise Asylum are open. Will you break free from its malevolent grip or be overcome by the lurking dread? Rally your bravest allies, steel your nerves, and prepare for an escape room saga that will linger in your nightmares. The question remains: are you ready to Escape the Asylum?

General Admission - $45.00
Private booking is unavailable for this timeslot. You can still book, but there will be other attendees as well.


30712 Michigan Avenue
Westland, MI 48186


Eloise Asylum LLC.


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